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Tim's love for photography and nature was sparked by his parents and childhood camping trips, gaining an appreciation of photography, art and the great outdoors.

A seven time finalist in the "BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year" contest 2015. He has also received Smithsonian Magazines "This Week's Editors' Pick" and "Photo of the Day" plus was featured on a Smithsonian Network's half hour special, "Smithsonian Spotlight: Picture Perfect" in March 2011. Also featured on Smithsonian's Celebrating Motherhood in Pictures May 2012. The image that was selected was one of the Smithsonian's favorite photos recognizing moms of all kinds submitted by readers over the last nine years. Also featured in Sedona Monthly magazine in July/Aug 2008.

To contact me, email me at: tofoltz@gmail.com • please no spam • Thanks -Tim

The nature photos were all shot in California in the wild unless stated differently.

The Signature © watermark is to protect the online image, it will not be on the final print.

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